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Hale Pet Doors

Hale Pet Doors are "hands down" one of the best dog doors on the market. They are a double flap door with magnets on the side of the flap and the bottom which helps with insulation. The tunnel is cut down to the thickness of your wall and then covered with carpet.. The carpet helps prevent debris from entering the home and makes the door more attractive. Each hale pet door comes with a sliding security panel to lock the door when not needed.

PetSafe Pet Doors

PetSafe Pet Doors are the budget friendly doors that come in small, medium and large. They are a double flap door (wall installs) and single flap (door models) pet door. Installations are limited with these doors and can only be installed in normal size stucco walls and regular doors. They can not be installed in glass. These doors come with a sliding security panel to lock the door. The internal portion of the wall doors are overlapping plastic.

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Dog Doors of Tucson has been Selling and Installing pet doors for several years now. Our experienced customer service department is here to help you choose the right door for your pet(s). Our installers are not only highly skilled at installing pet doors but also have 20 or more years of building homes. Our staff is also trained at training dogs through any situation.

Dog Doors of Tucson offers only the highest quality pet doors on the market. They are more energy efficient and better built than the typical pet doors in box stores. Their warranties surpass most others and they are a beautiful addition to your home, providing access for your pets for many years to come.

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What is the difference between a door mount, a wall mount, an in glass mount and a patio insert? A door mount is a pet door you install on a regular man door. It can be wood or metal. The wall mount is used on any wall on both inside the home between rooms from the inside to outside the home. All of our wall mount pet doors come with a wall tunnel and framing. This allows you to install the pet door through walls without having to do your own wall build out or framing An In Glass mount is put into a patio slider, window or French doors. They require professional installation and replacement of the existing glass. (See more on In Glass below) A Patio Insert is a panel with glass and pet door that are put into the opening of a patio slider or window. The sliding part of the door then pulls up to the insert to close the door.

Pet Door Installer Tucson Arizona

What pet door do I buy if I have a large and a small pet?  0aa3692178d57c29cd1026996a3f94d1There are a couple factors to consider here. You want a door that is tall enough and wide enough for the largest pet, yet low enough to floor so the small pet can still get over the rise. The flap needs to be easy enough to open for the smallest pet. The Endura pet door is a thinner and taller pet door where the Hale and Plexidor are more typical in width to height dimensions. The Plexidor is a perfect answer for homes with small and large pets as the door opens in the middle. With the Plexidor there is no heavy flap on the pets’ backs when they go out.

Cat Doors Tucson AZ

Cats can use any of the pet doors we offer. Generally the small sizes are best but be sure to use the measuring chart and consider the cats weight before ordering. Please call if you are uncertain which size will work best with the model you are wanting.

How easy is it to train my pet to a pet door? Training is as easy as holding a hot dog or string cheese. Have one person on each side of the pet door with a leash attached to pet. Pass the leash through the pet door to the person on the other side. That person then calls and lightly tugs on leash while holding pet door open. When the pet comes through give him small piece of treat. Continue this until the pet goes thru without the being tugged. If you find you need additional help, please call us.